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Brand Mentors provides customers with both affordable and customized web design. Whether you are looking to create a web presence for the first time, or to redesign and upgrade your site, we can help.

In this day and age, your web site is the first thing a potential customer is likely to see. Long before they step foot in a place of business most potential customers browse the internet for the services they need.  

our website services

First impressions are everything – if a potential customer visits a website that gives them the information they want in an easy-to-use interface, they are likely to proceed to the next step.

what you get

Our website service options have their own unique details, but we guarantee they will all include the following:

Strong Website platform

Our websites are either built on a WordPress or Shopify platform, depending on client needs.

Domain and Hosting

Domain and hosting costs are covered for the first year of your website. After that, we ask $125/yr be paid to cover domain & hosting costs. This service also includes our monthly checkups, where we make necessary tech updates to your site and check to make sure everything is working properly.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate will be added to each site.  This will provide your website with a secure lock and will not get flagged from browsers as “Not Secure”.

search engine optimization

Every one of our websites include SEO services.  We will code in keywords and phrases to your pages so that the foundation is laid properly.

Your content

We will guide you through the content process by either prompting you to answer questions about your business or send you a list of content needs for your site, depending on what website you purchase. From there, we will use your photos, colors, and content to build your new website.

mobile Friendly

Your site will be responsive, meaning it will look just as good on a mobile device.

Grow as your Business Grows

As your business grows, your website can grow with you.  You can add things like e-commerce, email marketing automation, a membership group, and even courses to our websites (depending on the platform chosen).

Management training

Our website build timelines conclude with the opportunity for our clients to learn how to manage simple tasks on their website, whether that be one-on-one training with a brand mentor or through the use of video tutorials.


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