Telling someone the story of your business


through a website is a great way to make a great first impression!

If you are meeting someone for the first time and they ask about your business, you often tell them a story of what your business does and how you help someone.  

Your website should be done the same way! 

Different from our other website packages, with a custom website, Brand Mentors helps you showcase your business through custom graphics, creative text, a focused story, all done through a stellar website.

It all starts with a call!  We will spend time talking about your business, thinking through your story, and how we can help translate that onto a website.  

From there we will provide you with a custom quote and timeline for your project.

website costs

Prices on our websites vary.  It’s best to get. on a phone call with a Brand Mentor to determine the actual cost of your site.   We will take into consideration things like the number of pages, desired timeline, site features, and brand needs.  If that sounds like something you want to talk to a Brand Mentor about, please set a time to talk!

site pages

We will include the basics like the following:  Home Page, Sales/Services Page, About Page, Contact Page and a Blog.

As a custom website client we will not stop there.  Your quote will be built off of the number of pages we agree on during our conversations.


Your Story

We will guide you through the content development process by prompting you to answer questions about your business. From there, we will use your photos, colors, and content to build your new website.

Wordpress Website

All of the Grab & Go websites will be built on a WordPress platform.  You will be granted access to your site once its complete and launched.

Domain and Hosting

Each website will include your domain and hosting costs.  No other costs will be needed  for your domain or hosting.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate will be added to each site.  This will provide your website with a secure lock and will not get flagged from browsers as “Not Secure”.

project timlines

Our goal is to tell your story. After we sign off on the plan Brand Mentors will begin building your website. Throughout the process, there will be a series of touchpoint meetings so that you can monitor the progress of the project.

Depending on the size of the project we will set a custom timeline specific to you.

Graphic Design

Photos and Graphics on your website can often be just as important.  We have an in-house team who will help develop graphics to place on your new website.  Because we cannot travel to every clients location, we ask that you provide the photography or work with a professional photographer in your local area.

search engine optimization

Every Grab & Go website includes SEO.  We will code in keywords and phrases to your pages so that the foundation is laid properly.

mobile Friendly

Your site will be responsive, meaning it will look just as good on a mobile device.

Grow as your Business Grows

A Grab & Go Website is designed to be a foundational website for your business.  As your business grows, it can grow with you.  You can add things like e-commerce and email marketing automation.

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Check out a few of our current custom website clients to see how our layouts were turned into their brands! Contact us today to get a custom website of your own.

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