You remember it right? The first time at the pool after the cold, potentially icy winter. The air is warm, but the water is cold, and the quickest way to acclimate to drastic temperature change is to JUMP!

If you’re anything like me, you went to jump, took a couple steps back, went to jump, took a couple steps back. Why? The knowledge of the initial shock of the water always seemed worse than it actually was. Eventually, I would take a deep breath, stop thinking about it and make the leap.

Starting your own business can feel the same way. You know there is risk, unknowns, and potentially shock, but it’s also an avenue to fun, and new adventures.

Here’s why I prefer the leap method when it comes to building your business. Having friends who sell MaryKay, Premier Designs Jewelry, and other personal businesses, the most common story of success usually finds itself at the moment when the individual decided this would be their only source of income. Why is that? Desperation and need. If you require an income, which most people living on their own do, there’s no better motivation to get over your fears than your business being your only source.

It’s the Start Before Your Ready idea, that was discussed in our previous blog. Deadlines (or bills) create an incredible environment to learn. There’s clarity in these moments as decisions can’t be lingered over forever, but must be resolved in order to move forward.

That being said, I can also be the person that decides not to jump in, go to the shallow end, and slowing get accustomed to the cool waters. For those that are a little too nervous to go full force, or want to test the waters, this method is probably for you.

Here, you build a nest egg, meaning that you save money to tie you over for up to six months while you build your business. For some two months is enough, if you’re ready to buckle down and get to work. This time means that you cut back on expenses so that funds are going to necessities in order to extend your savings.

The idea is to build your business to a place where you can see if it’s profitable. Chances are, you’ll have to tweak some things to get the recipe right, but once you’re there, you can more easily transition into running your own business and being your own boss.

Both methods have seen success. What it mostly boils down to is your passion for what you’re doing, what being your own boss is worth to you, and believing that you are capable!

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