Have you ever just wanted to talk to someone about your business?

Just to ask a few questions?

Does any of this sound familiar…

• You can join my mastermind for a large sum of money

Did you answer yes to any of these statements?  You are not alone!

These are the top three struggles that we often hear from new clients. This is why Brand Mentors set out to develop a step by step process to help business owners overcome these obstacles.


A Grab & Go website is a simplified budget-friendly website to tell your story using your own colors, photos and content.

Below you will find key features that a Grab & Go website package includes.

5 Pages

The following pages are included: Home Page, Sales/Services Page, About Page, Contact Page and a Blog.

Your content

We will guide you through the content development process by prompting you to answer questions about your business. From there, we will use your photos, colors, and content to build your new website.

Wordpress Website

All of the Grab & Go websites will be built on a WordPress platform.  You will be granted access to your site once its complete and launched.

Domain and Hosting

Each website will include your domain and hosting costs.  No other costs will be needed  for your domain or hosting.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate will be added to each site.  This will provide your website with a secure lock and will not get flagged from browsers as “Not Secure”.

built in 14 days

Our goal is for this site to feel like a Grab & Go process.  This means once you submit your content and it’s APPROVED by a Brand Mentor, we will take 14 days to complete the project and get it launched.

Choose a Premade Layout

We have developed 4 demo layouts for you to choose from.  You’ll be asked to choose a template when signing up and we will take the content and images that you submit to us and make that template fit your brand.

search engine optimization

Every Grab & Go website includes SEO.  We will code in keywords and phrases to your pages so that the foundation is laid properly.

mobile Friendly

Your site will be responsive, meaning it will look just as good on a mobile device.

Grow as your Business Grows

A Grab & Go Website is designed to be a foundational website for your business.  As your business grows, it can grow with you.  You can add things like e-commerce, email marketing automation, a membership group, and even courses to a Grab & Go Website.

How it works

We want to make this process as EASY as possible for you while laying a proper foundation for your website.  Our process is broken into three steps listed below:

Choose A Layout

Choose from our 4 pre-built layouts for us to customize to your liking. Customizations include color, photo & text changes.


Submit Your Content

Send us photos, text, your service information etc. for us to place on your site. We will make sure we have everything we need before starting the next step.

We Build

Once content has been approved, we will begin work on your website. We guarantee to have it launched 14 days after content approval!

View the layouts

You may choose from these SIX layouts. Keep in mind, your images, content, and colors will be used in place of what you see.


what does it cost?


and $40 per month

– monthly payments renew automatically from the date of signing up –

Each website will be built using our Grab & Go 14-day build process. Monthly payments will renew on the day you signed up each month for the life of the website. If for some reason your payment does not go through we will make up to 3 more attempts to collect your payment. If your payment is not resolved within 15 days of your renewal day, your website will be temporarily disabled.


Check out a few of our current Grab & Go clients to see how our layouts were turned into their brands! Contact us today to get a Grab & Go website of your own.

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