Focus is the hidden ingredient in excellence – Daniel Goleman

Focus is essential. Without being able to prioritize and manage well, we miss success.

To be honest, 2016 has brought even bigger dreams and goals than its predecessor. My to do list, attempting bigger things, and trying to juggle health, life, and work has left me excited about life, invigorated, and often struggling to focus.

It might be odd to talk about focus in a marketing blog, but when you try to keep up with the ever changing flow of social media and marketing, we all need a little refocusing. So here you have it, the tips to increase focus so you can be more productive and reach all those goals.


I know it sounds counterproductive, but without a little recharge, you’ll never get back to killer focus. Putting your brain in overdrive constantly isn’t healthy…. Even your phone needs a break, so do you.

Make a list.

I’ve found that if I have a notebook beside me even on my downtime, then I can write those to do’s that pop up. Once I write them down I can continue taking a breath. Then it’s there when I am ready to get back to work. This has become necessary. It removes the concern of forgetting something.

Retrain your focus.

If you won’t take my word for it, Psychology Today says these are the four basic moves in the mind’s workout for focused attention:

1) Breathe – Take a few deep breaths.

2) Make a note – Notice that your mind has wandered off.

3) Prioritize – Disengage from that train of thought.

4) Breathe again – Bring your focus back to your breath and hold it there.


Breathe. Stop. Take Notice. Disengage. Take Down Time. Recharge. Breathe Again. Crush It!

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