We are excited to work with you!

Here is the copy of what you should get in your email soon!.

We want to set out the expectations so you know what is to come while we are working together. Please read this ENTIRE email and keep it handy so you can refer back to it as we go.

Step 1: Make a folder in your email for Brand Mentors. Each time we send you an email you can move the emails over and have easy access to them down the road.

Step 2: Add the following emails to your contacts – brandon@brandmentors.com and websupport@brandmentors.com. We ask you to do this to ensure you are getting our emails to your inbox. We all know about that ugly spam folder, so help me stop feeding it!

Step 3: Be on the lookout for an email from Brand Mentors with a link to your content guide. This is a web-based program where you will organize and submit your content. Content is the top priority of your website so we ask that you go through this process slowly and be as thorough as possible. Creating a content guide is a manual process for each of you so please give it up to 24 hours for that link to be sent to you.

Step 4: CONTENT – CONTENT – CONTENT! The content guide was designed to reduce overwhelm. It’s broken in to 5 sections to help you separate the data so it’s not a big and scary process. Over the next FIVE days we will be sending you an email to walk you through the process of coming up with your content. If you want to move a little faster, feel free to jump ahead but keep in mind your content will need to be approved by a Brand Mentor before its considered complete so again, go slow, and be thorough.

Step 5: Pick a meeting date and time to talk with you Brand Mentor regarding your domain name. You can set that meeting by clicking on this link – https://bookme.name/brandmentors/grab-go-domain-call. It’s easier to have this conversation via phone so we can get on the same page. If you already have a domain please have your username and login where you purchased the domain ready to give to your Brand Mentor.

Step 6: Know the process: The process is simple for a Grab & Go website. We have split it into three phases.

  • Phase 1 – The Content. This is where you’ll use the content guide to develop your content. Once it’s developed, a Brand Mentor will approve or send sections back for revision. This is to ensure we have all the content in the proper format and everything is ready to go on a site. At the point of approval, the 14-day build window will open for your project to move to phase 2.
  • Phase 2  – The Build. Brand Mentors will take your content and place it on your new site. Within 14 days we will develop your site and let you know when it’s ready.
  • Phase 3 – The Launch. Launching a new website can be exciting! We recommend getting your social platforms and email ready to tell EVERYONE about your new website.

Have fun! This is a fun process. Once your site is complete you will love it and show everyone you know!

Throughout the process, the best way to communicate with Brand Mentors is to go to brandmentors.com/support. There you will find video tutorials to help you with any “How To” questions regarding your website as well as a Support Ticket Form at the bottom.

Thank you for your purchase and we are excited to work with you!


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