How to Fill the Editorial Calendar

There are literally thousands of blog posts on editorial calendars. There are about as many free templates, ads to specific calendars, and even inspiration to make the calendar modern or pretty (whatever your taste). But once you find the perfect calendar, what do...

Let’s Talk About Damage Control

No one ever truly wants to talk about this subject, because it’s not the happiest of subjects. It usually focuses on the negative and can be discouraging. However, I believe proper damage control has a huge impact on whether or not a brand and business succeed or...

Tricks and Tweets: Social Media Isn’t So Scary

Have a Plan! Remain Consistent. Use Hashtags sparingly on FB and Twitter, but use many on Instagram. Be personal. Know what each platform focuses on. It’s no secret that social media is a prime tool in building your brand, and getting your business out there. It’s...

Let’s Talk About First Impressions!

Let's talk about first impressions What's the first thing a customer sees when they come in contact with your business? Is it the product? Your logo? Your employees? Is it you? Unless you're Apple, Nike, Starbucks, or Tiffany's, those things might not tell your...





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