Cookie Cutter Branding

Jury's out, are they good or bad? I know cookie cutters mean cookies, delicious and fantastic right? But do they work? Cons Cookie cutters set up an expectation where everyone doesn't fit the mold. It's the mindset that your business should have so many employees...

Take a Leap

You remember it right? The first time at the pool after the cold, potentially icy winter. The air is warm, but the water is cold, and the quickest way to acclimate to drastic temperature change is to JUMP! If you're anything like me, you went to jump, took a couple...

Just Focus

Focus is the hidden ingredient in excellence - Daniel Goleman Focus is essential. Without being able to prioritize and manage well, we miss success. To be honest, 2016 has brought even bigger dreams and goals than its predecessor. My to do list, attempting bigger...

Start Before You’re Ready

Nothing sparks learning like a deadline. You may feel as though there is so much more you need to know before you can start, but chances are with a deadline to start, you will have done enough research to know what you need to know. If you wait until you’re ready,...





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